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Re: st: set mem

At 04:42 PM 3/8/2006, you wrote: >I have found discrepancies on the maximum memory >allowed using the set mem command despite equal >amounts of RAM on various computers. Is there is a >direct correlation between RAM on your computer and >the memory allocated using the set mem command? > >Any recommendations on how to maximize set mem?

I have a program that tests how much memory is available. I have not sent it SSC. It is posted below.

I have a few other programs, though not necessarily the most modern that do some useful things for memory.

One is called -resetmem- that allows you to reset memory without clearing out current memory. It also will reduce memory automatically so as not to waste memory. If there is some interest in it I can send it to Kit to post on the archives.

Bill Gould, who knows so many things, thinks programs like this are a bad idea because if something goes wrong you can lose your data. But that's true with many programs. I've never had a problem. Caveat ...


*! memtest.ado v1.0.2 fw 3/30/04 determines maximum allowable memory *! and current memory. Allowable value in mb is returned in r(osmem_m) *! keywords: memory program define memtest, rclass version 8.2 preserve clear qui query memory local oldmem = `r(memory)' local memtest = 2000 while `memtest' > 100 { cap set mem `memtest'm if _rc == 0 { di in green "Maximum value of memory allowed by OS is " in yellow"`memtest'm" continue, break } local memtest = `memtest' - 100 } return scalar osmem_m = `memtest' set mem `oldmem'k restore end

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