Monday, March 06, 2006

Re: st: slogit versus mlogit

At 12:03 PM 3/6/2006, you wrote: >Hi >I wonder if anyone can help me? >I am trying to model an ordinal response variable with three levels. >I do not have proportional odds and so I have been investigating the >stereotype model. I understand that if the stereotype model is of >its maximum dimension, in my case 2, then the model is equivalent >to a multinomial logistic regression model. Given that I believe >that a 2-dimensional model would be an improvement over a >1-dimensional model for my data, is there any benefit in fitting the >model using slogit rather than mlogit? Alternatively, does anyone >know where I can find detailed information on the interpretation of >a 2-dimensional stereotype type model from slogit, especially when >my explanatory variables are categorical? >Thanks >Sara

(Self-plug here) You may also want to take a look at -gologit2-. -gologit2- provides a means for estimating models that are less restrictive than ologit and more parsimonious than mlogit. The program can be downloaded from SSC. The support page for -gologit2-, which includes a pre-publication version of an article that is in the current Stata journal, can be found at

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