Wednesday, March 01, 2006

RE: st: Stata Journal 6(1)

One of the pleasures of Statalist is that many members are very careful with words.

The "serious" was meant to be a frank recognition that people who use Stata only occasionally might not want to buy the SJ.

Otherwise, the statement is an equality and can be read from left to right and from right to left. A serious Stata user is one who finds much of interest in the Stata Journal.


Why the "Dr Cox"? I have waved opinions, solutions, explanations, and weird humour at the list, but never the sordid fact of a Ph.D. degree.

David Airey > Dr. Cox wrote: > > > > Here is the table of contents for this issue. We believe that the > > mix of research and expository material contains much of interest > > to all serious Stata users: > > > Note that even if you are a tragicomical Stata user like myself, > rather than a serious user, you will find something useful in the > Stata Journal at one point or another. In this issue, I much > appreciate the article on variance components.

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