Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Re: st: STATA syntax colouring in TextWrangler

For "STATA" read "Stata", passim.

Steven Samuels asked essentially the same question on 17 January.

Some while ago I made a public appeal for information on this point on Statalist and got no replies, public or privste. Also, emails to Ben Hulley's last known email address at NIH elicited no reply (although they did not bounce).

Thus the link was removed from

However, that FAQ does report syntax colouring for many other text editors.


Steffen Hokland

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've started to do STATA programming, and have decided to use my 'normal' text editor - TextWrangler (Apple Mac OS-X). I've been able to track down a syntax colouring module for TextWrangler (by Ben Hulley), but all links refering to it (e.g. benhulley) seem to be dead. Can anyone direct me to a module for syntax colouring in TextWrangler (or another texteditor for that matter)? * * For searches and help try: * * *


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