Monday, March 06, 2006

Re: st: Thanks, Really! => graph twoway bar horizontal vs. graph hbar

Oh, okay. You're welcome. As for why relabel(3 " " 6 " " 9 " ") as a suboption of over() doesn't work, I have no idea. I agree it seems like it should, or the reason why it doesn't should be included at the relevant spot the help file. There are other examples of this, I believe, in other parts of the -graph- suite of commands, though none occur to me at the moment. The use of characters that "look like" spaces where spaces don't work is a handy trick, in several contexts--maybe there should be a FAQ (an FAQ?) on special characters and their uses... calling Nick Cox...

On 3/5/06, Hiroshi Maeda <> wrote: > Dear Dr. Nichols, > Well, e-mail communication is hard! I was not being clear in my previous > note thanking YOU! I understood you first time and tried your > suggestions, which worked perfectly (Well, thank you again!). I opted > for the -relabel(3 "':di char(160)'"...) solution. So I was not saying > your solution did not work. What I tried, but failed, to convey in my > previous note was this: before I posted my question, I had tried > -relabel(3 " " 6 " " 9 " ")-, which had not worked. You warned in your > reply that it would not work. I was merely curious to know why > -relabel(3 " " 6 " " 9 " ")- did not work; having read the Graphics > manual, I felt it should have worked... Anyway, I understood you first > time and thank you. Have a great Sunday. ---Hiroshi

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