Thursday, March 16, 2006

Re: st: Writing out Names with special signs or words

There's no reason you shouldn't be able to write out the strings you have shown, but it's possible that by pasting the strings into email, you have stripped out some problematic characters. ____________________ set obs 1 gen x="`IPAD AD DOBOJ" file open f using /f.txt, write replace file write f _n "`=x[1]'" file close _all type /f.txt

`IPAD AD DOBOJ ____________________ works, so the string as shown is fine. Do you need the special characters in the names--they are not readable as is, anyway, right? Unless you specify a Bosnian font for only the Bosnian names, which is not possible for most applications. If you don't need them, see -findit charlist- for a way to identify them and then zap them with (for example) the subinstr() function.

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