Friday, March 17, 2006

-- Re: st: Writing out Names with special signs or words -- Can't write

Dear Austin,

Thanks for sending me the example. Unfortunately, I can replicate the results.

I write down a small DO file, writing all 33 examples of names as in my first posting, but the program starts to have error messeages. For example:

(1) Example 1 gen x30= ""CDC POINT - S.P.A. (ANCHE IN FORM";

-- error message is: . gen x30= ""CDC POINT - S.P.A. (ANCHE IN FORM" invalid 'POINT' r(198);

(2) Example 2: . gen x34= "Weird Combination (quotes "-and hyphen' a]pos`trophe 1-d_5." and not found r(111);

Writing out to text file: file open wot2 using L:\wtest3.txt, write append

. file write wot2 _n "`x[1]'"

. file write wot2 _n "` x[2] '"

And the text file only show blanks lines !!

I have more than one million names to do, so it is almost impossible to search for weird combinations of signs manually.

Similarly, the same problems also exist when I "chop" the names into parts and compare those parts to other names' part.

But many thanks for your example code.


---------------------- >From: "Austin Nichols" <> >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: Re: st: Writing out Names with special signs or words >Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 16:13:32 -0500 > >There's no reason you shouldn't be able to write out the strings you >have shown, but it's possible that by pasting the strings into email, >you have stripped out some problematic characters. >____________________ >set obs 1 >gen x="`IPAD AD DOBOJ" >file open f using /f.txt, write replace >file write f _n "`=x[1]'" >file close _all >type /f.txt > >`IPAD AD DOBOJ >____________________ >works, so the string as shown is fine. Do you need the special >characters in the names--they are not readable as is, anyway, right? >Unless you specify a Bosnian font for only the Bosnian names, which is >not possible for most applications. If you don't need them, see >-findit charlist- for a way to identify them and then zap them with >(for example) the subinstr() function. > >* >* For searches and help try: >* >* >*

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