Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Re: SV: SV: st: svy jackknife problems

At 03:43 AM 3/15/2006, you wrote: >Thanks Nick, this was also helful. I particularly like the advice to >use -aweigth- to get the correct point estimates for the correlation >coefficient with survey data. This should be public knowledge! >Frankly speaking I never quite figured out why Stata needs to make >these distinctions between different types of weight variables. It >is very confusing, and I can't remember having this problem when >using SAS or SPSS, so is it really necessary?

That is because SPSS weighting is terrible! Basically, it is limited to fweights/iweights. The SPSS documentation even says "If the weighted number of cases exceeds the sample size, tests of significance are inflated; if it is smaller, they are deflated." Stata has a huge edge in this respect. Sure, Stata is confusing, but it is confusing because you have to choose the correct option from several choices, whereas with SPSS all you have to do is pick the single (often incorrect) option that is offered!

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