Wednesday, March 15, 2006

st: Bootstrapping metan for odds ratios

Dear Statalist,

I have noticed that when attempting to bootstrap the metan (version 1.86) user command with the "or" odds ratio option the following error message is returned.

option or not allowed r(198);

This does not happen for either the "rr" or "rd" metan options whose returned statistics can be bootstrapped. The bootstrap command appears to interpret the "or" as a logical or operator (which can be denoted by |).

To bootstrap metan with the "or" option I have placed it within a program.

program callmetan metan cases_treated notcase_treated cases_control notcase_control, /// label(namevar=id) randomi nograph or end

It is then possible to use the program with the bootstrap command.

bootstrap ES=r(ES) tau2=r(tau2), reps(100): callmetan

Thanks to Dr. Alex Sutton for assistance with this problem.

Best regards,

Tom Palmer

PhD student, Dept. of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

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