Monday, March 20, 2006

st: corrupted png files in 64-bit Stata 9 for Windows?

I'm unable to create valid PNG files with -graph export- in 64-bit Stata 9 for Windows. Is it a bug in 64-bit Stata 9 for Windows?

After I have created a graph, I use -graph export fig1.png, replace- and Stata creates the file fig1.png and writes the note "(file fig1.png written in PNG format)". But the file cannot be open in the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox on my computer using 64-bit Windows XP (x86), service pack 1. It can be open fine with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and Windows Explorer displays the thumbnail picture fine. I do not have this problem of viewing the PNG file in my web browsers when the file is created using either 32-bit Stata 9 for Windows or 32-bit Stata 9 for Linux. All my versions of Stata 9 are updated.

Anders Alexandersson

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