Thursday, March 16, 2006

st: Finally: looping over parallel lists

Thank you all for your help on this subject. The "word # of" in combination with "forvalues" is exactly what I was looking for. I spent quite some time searching but didn't manage to find this information on my own. (Strange, but Stata's website search engine doesn't show the page "How to process parallel lists" if you search for "parallel lists")

Ulrich Kohler wrote: > Do we really need a parallel list here? > > forv i = 1/10 { > tmap choro var`i', id(county) title("Disease `i'") > graph export "`i++'.png", replace > }

It depends... your's is the easiest way to create graphs, but I have to adjust options and titles individually to get the layout I want.

BTW: I'm very thankful to Maurizio Pisati for creating "tmap". Despite it has only basic functionality compared to real GIS software, it works fine for me for a lot of tasks. In combination with parallel lists I get a bunch of maps layouted and printed in the same time I otherwise would need just to convert the data into dbf and import it into my gis system. So it really saves me a lot of hassle and time.


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