Thursday, March 02, 2006

st: First stage F and estout

Hi, I am using the following command to estimate a gravity model (panel data)

ivreg2 limp lgdpm lcapm lgdpx lcapx ldist lareap landl island border comlang comcol colony iicor iecor (lhkchx= lhkchgdp ichcor ihkcor), first gmm robust cluster(pid)

I am tabulating the results using the estout command. estout *, cells(b(star fmt(%9.3f)) se(par)) style (fixed) stats( r2 j jp idstat idp )

My question is how to get the first stage F statistic (test for excluded instruments) in the table as well? When I include "F" within the stats( ), i only get the 2nd stage F stat.

Is there any other command for tabulating regression results? Many thanks


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