Friday, March 17, 2006

st: geometric mean with svy (version 9.0)

Dear Stata Guru's,

I want to compute geometric mean and SD from survey data. Here is an example:

. svy:mean lnbenz,over (sex) (running mean on estimation sample)

Survey: Mean estimation

Number of strata = 13 Number of obs = 647 Number of PSUs = 27 Population size = 1.5e+08 Design df = 14

_subpop_1: sex = 0. Male _subpop_2: sex = 1. Female

-------------------------------------------------------------- | Linearized Over | Mean Std. Err. [95% Conf. Interval] -------------+------------------------------------------------ lnbenz | _subpop_1 | .3884244 .2993531 -.2536241 1.030473 _subpop_2 | .1070038 .1907388 -.3020902 .5160979 --------------------------------------------------------------

I can manually type Di exp(0.3884244)

For each of the category but I have to type hundreds of time since I have several variables. I tried egenmore option but I couldn't find how to use it with svy command. Can any help point me to the resource to find more info? Is there program I can use to automate this process? Ideally I would like Stata to run the survey command and then use the mean value to compute geometric mean and SD. Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you Ahmed Ahmed A. Arif, MD., PhD Assistant Professor & Director Health Services Research Program Department of Family and Community Medicine Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 3601 4th St, STOP 8161 Lubbock, TX 79430 Tel: 806-743-3048 Fax: 806-743-1292 email:

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