Monday, March 13, 2006

st: Life Tables for Survival Analysis

Dear All

I am new to Stata. I am using Stata 9 to try to draw a Life Table graph for a variable with 6 categories. The 6 slopes on the graph are shown by different, smooth, coloured lines which is great but I am not printing in colour.

I have tried the symbol command so that each line will be identified by a different symbol (i.e. dash, dot, long dash and dot etc). However only the first symbol is recognised when I run the graph so I either have all lines with a dash, or all lines with a dot for all six categories.

I have looked in the Graphics and Survival manuals in addition to the searching the net but I cannot find an appropriate command which will allow me to identify the 6 slopes in black and white print. Can anyone help?

Unfortunately this mailer will not allow me to paste the graph so I have pasted the syntax below which demonstrates smooth curves and not steps (which I do not want).

# delimit ; ltable durate work, graph notable survival noconf by(minus2) over yscale(range(0.4 1.0)) msymbol(i) yline(0.5, lpattern(dot))ylab (,nogrid);

Thank you


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