Saturday, March 18, 2006

st: Looping question


Working with Stata 9.1, Windows XP.

I am working with a data set in which cases are students each of which has a unique identifier aid. Also, for each student I have a delinquency variable (delinq) which is a count of the number of delinquent acts they have committed over the past 12 months. Each student has nominated up to 10 friends which are represented by the variable vector frnd1-frnd10. The values of frnd1-frnd10 are the aid's of each of the nominated friends. What I would like to do is create a variable vector fr1del-fr10del which takes on the delinquency value for each of the nominated friends.

I have been exploring the reshape, foreach, and forvalues commands but have not had much luck to date.

aid delinq frnd1 frnd2 frnd3 frnd4 frnd5 ... 99 2 66 77 88 3 77 99 77 5 55 44 99 66 2 88 99 44 77 55 6 44 44 8 66

Thank you.


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