Tuesday, March 21, 2006

st: Mata function stata() within program

I have a Mata function which looks as follows:



// Mata Function to extract the substitution costs from subcost-matrix void showhash(real rowvector R) { string scalar key1 st_local("key1",key1) key1 = strofreal(R[1,2]) st_local("key1",key1) stata("local hash1 = mod(`key1',197)") }



The function is part of the mata-libary lsq.mlib, which compiles without problems. All other function in the library works well. However, if I run -showhash()- from within Mata I got the following error:

: R = 2,3,5,4 : showhash(R) invalid syntax stata(): 3598 Stata returned error showhash(): - function returned error <istmt>: - function returned error r(3598);

Further investigation showed that the error is connected to the -stata()- function. However, After running -showhash()- I can intactively run the same -stata()- function without any problems:

: stata("local hash1 = mod(`key1',197)") : stata("display `hash1'") 3

Any thoughts on this?

cu Uli

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