Tuesday, March 14, 2006

st: New NetCourse on Time-Series Analysis

We are pleased to announce our newest NetCourse, Introduction to Univariate Time Series Using Stata. The course will appeal to a broad range of users, including economists, forecasters, business analysts, and anyone who encounters time-series data.

The course is organized like our other NetCourses. There will be a lecture posted to the course web site each Friday, along with a set of questions that review the material. Answers to the questions will be posted a week later. Students will also have access to a discussion board where they can post questions and interact with the course leader and other students.

The course consists of five lectures and covers topics such as using time-series data in Stata, moving averages and exponential smoothers, ARMA processes, the autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation functions, ARIMA and ARMAX models, regression analysis, unit roots, and ARCH models. The optional fifth lecture introduces Stata's multivariate time-series features.

What: NC 461 - Introduction to Univariate Time Series Using Stata

When: June 16, 2006, through August 4, 2006 (Lectures are posted on Fridays. There is a 1-week break between lectures 3 and 4.)

Course leader: Brian Poi, Senior Economist, StataCorp

Cost: $295

For more information and to enroll, visit http://www.stata.com/netcourse/nc461.html

-- Brian Poi -- bpoi@stata.com

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