Thursday, March 16, 2006

st: No Likelihood Ratio Chi-Square after -mlogit-

A few days ago I posted what might have been a cryptic email titled ("No Likelihood Ratio Chi-Square after -mlogit-") and it got the response it deserved (silence). In addition to the fact that the subject was wrong (should have been something along the lines "No Wald Chi-square...") the email was vague (which I suppose resulted from my effort to adhere to recent calls for brevity when we post and to post after doing our homework).

Thankfully, a number of people have recently been pointed to -help j_robustsingular- in addition, there has been some discussion on the number of clusters vis-a-viz number of explanatory variables. Herein lies the answer to my problem. I have since been able to help my colleague (thus keeping my self appointed status as the one-eyed among blind Stata users in my environs)

I have thus felt it prudent to close the thread that I started (was it really a thread?) in the likely event that someone ever has the same problem.

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