Saturday, March 11, 2006

st: Problem with a ado file

Hi everyone,

I'm new at using the STATA programming capabilities and I'm having a problem with a function I'm trying to implement. The objective is to create a variable that is able to capture the year specific quintiles of a given variable into a new variable. Ex. Imagine we have a sample with the income of the subjects and the year it was surveyed. What I need is to get the quintile each individual belongs to according to his income, for each year, for all the years. The xtile command only allows to generate the desired classification for a each year at a time (and I have 20 years, and i need to do this to several variables, for several breakpoints). The ado file I've written is the following: program qtex version 9.0 args inputvar years outputvar start_year end_year qtiles quietly gen `outputvar' =. while `start_year'<=`end_year' { quietly gen xtile `_tempqt' = `inputvar' if `years' == `start_year', nquantiles(`qtiles') quietly replace `outputvar' == `_tempqt' if `_tempqt' ~=. quietly drop `_tempqt' local start_year = `start_year' + 1 } end The inputvar is the variable that is intended to be used for the classification; years is the variable which holds the year each observation belongs to; outputvar is the variable that will hold the classification for each observation; start_year and end_year the start and end periods that will be used as criteria for classification; qtiles the number of quantiles to be created. The message STATA returns is: invalid syntax r(197);

Can anyone help me with this?



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