Friday, March 10, 2006

st: Problem with -graph use- and earlier graph versions

I have some .gph files with line graphs that were created by version 8.1 using the sj scheme. I recently wanted to have a look at one of them, and was surprised to find that when I -graph use-d it (in version 9.1), all of the line graphs were rendered with a solid line, so it was impossible to distinguish which was which.

Re-generating the graph in version 9.1 by re-running the original do file that created it (which includes a -version 8.1- statement at the top), the graph rendered properly and distinguished each of the line graphs with a different line style. Saving those re-generated graphs, and re-examining them with -graph use- led to no problems: each line got its own line style.

So it seems that version 9.1 has a problem rendering graphs generated under version 8.1 with scheme sj. (I haven't checked if other schemes encounter problems as well.)

Has anybody else encountered this problem? In this case the work around was simple because the do-file to create the graph runs in minutes--but if this came out of a program that takes hours or days to run, it would be a problem.

Clyde Schechter Department of Family & Social Medicine Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx, NY, USA

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