Tuesday, March 07, 2006

st: RE: error message in mixed models stata 9

This is a message of yearning from the innards of Mata.

Assuming your command is legal, it is StataCorp's problem.

Nick n.j.cox@durham.ac.uk

Herman van de Werfhorst > if I want to run a random intercept mixed model (multilevel > model) with the following form, I get an error message which > I don't understand: > > > > . xtmixed y i1 i2 g3 g4 || groupvar: > <istmt>: 3499 _xtm_setup() not found > > where i1 and i2 are individual level variables, and g3 and g4 > variables measured at the higher level in which individuals > are nested (at the level of the variable groupvar). > > Does anyone know what "<istmt>: 3499 _xtm_setup() not > found" means? I have updated my stata 9 very recently.

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