Wednesday, March 08, 2006

st: RE: fixed effects ordered logit

The question of references is discussed in the FAQ.

In essence, list members should please note that the list is interdisciplinary and not assume that other members are not necessarily familiar with your own corner of the literature.

In this case, even many non-economists know that Greene is an economist, but even so, full details do no harm.

Alternatively, if you wish only to address certain sections of the list, then a flag

<insert your discipline> ONLY

in the subject line lets people zap before reading.


Alix-Garcia, Jennifer > Has anyone written a stata program that correctly estimates > the fixed effects ordered logit as described in Greene (who > references Chamberlain, I think)? I found some earlier > threads from people who were seeking something similar, but > was unable to see how they resolved the problem.

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