Friday, March 03, 2006

st: RE: How to convert a MATA matrix into a STATA matrix?

Ulrich Kaiser <> ask,

> My Mata code is > > mata > m_all = st_matrix("all") > nom = m_all[1...,2] > denom = m_all[1...,3] > denom = (denom:/denom)-denom > lr = nom :/ denom > out = m_all[1...,1], lr, m_all[1...,4], m_all[1...,5] > end > > and I'd like to turn "out" into data format. > > Any ideas?

The "Mata Matters" column in the next Stata Journal deals with exactly this problem. The title of the column is "Creating new variables" with the subtitle, "Sounds boring, isn't", although I don't know if the editors let me keep that last part.

Anyway, I suggest Uli read that, because I hada lot to say, all of it relevant.

In the meantime, let me provide a crude solution to Uli's problem.

First thing, Uli, is to create the variables in the Stata dataset to hold the columns of out. In what follows, I will assume those variables are named x1, x2, and x3.

Second thing, I assume that the Stata dataset has the number of observations as out has rows.

Given that, one solution is

st_store(., ("x1", "x2", "x3"), out)

See [M-5] st_store().

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