Wednesday, March 08, 2006

st: Re: Non standard commands and statsby

I encountered the problem in a three-level model (output further down): statsby _b, clear by(cycle): xtmixed angle || pt: || session: if side=="L", mle

and I've tried cutting it down to a two-level model as in Scott's example but haven't had any success with that either (same problem as for the above).

If I cut it down to a 1-level model, i.e. remove all random effects, then it runs ok: statsby _b, clear by(cycle): xtmixed angle if side=="L", mle

Here is the full error output from statsby

. statsby _b , clear noisily by(cycle):xtmixed angle ||pt: ||session: if side=="L", mle statsby: First call to xtmixed with data as is:

. xtmixed angle ||pt: ||session: if side=="L", mle invalid ':'


The -xtmixed- syntax for my 3-level model, i.e. what statsby tries to run above but complains about an "invalid ':'", works fine when I run it without -statsby- !!!


> An example of the problem is helpful. This seems to work ok: > > . webuse grunfeld,clear > > . gen byte tag = year<1945 > > . statsby _b , clear total verbose by(tag):xtmixed invest mval kstock || > com: ,mle > (running xtmixed on estimation sample) > ... > > Scott > > > -----Original Message----- > > From: [mailto:owner- > >] On Behalf Of Rory Wolfe > > Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 9:15 PM > > To: > > Subject: st: Non standard commands and statsby > > > > I wish to use statsby in conjuction with xtmixed. > > > > I am unable to and I guess it is because of the "non-standard" > > command structure of xtmixed, in particular the use of : in > > the xtmixed syntax. > > > > Has anyone encountered this problem and found a solution? Will > > I need to resort to writing my own "statsby" ado file? > > > > Rory

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