Tuesday, March 07, 2006

st: RE: Overlay survival curves

Use -sts generate- to generate one of the survival curves and you can then overlay it on the other with -addplot()-, e.g.

/* Set up random st data */ clear set obs 100 gen int time1=ceil(100*uniform()) gen int time2=ceil(100*uniform()) gen byte fail1=uniform()<.8 gen byte fail2=uniform()<.8

/* Plot survival curves */ stset time2, f(fail2) sts gen s2=s stset time1, f(fail1) sts graph, addplot(line s2 time2, sort c(J) legend(order(1 "Outcome 1" 2 "Outcome 2")))

Hope this helps


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Is there any way within stata to overlay two survival curves. I have two separate endpoints and I want to compare the survival curve to each endpoint.


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