Wednesday, March 15, 2006

st: RE: RE: Defining a matrix of Characters

Dear Nick,

Thanks for your response. I am actually putting together a short *.ado to perform an analysis that requires that matrix of characters.

I have Stata 9.1 and I thought of using Mata but if I do that then any user with a Stata version lower than 9.0 will not be able to run my ado.

Am I correct in assuming that.

Thanks for your help.


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Long route or short, you must use Mata for this.


Siyam, Amani > Could you kindly tell me if it is possible to define a matrix > A[1x6] of > characters as follows: > > matrix A=[a b c d e f] > > I tried going the long route as follows: > > foreach i in a b c d e f { > gen `i'= "`i'" > } > mkmat a b c d e f , matrix(A) > > varlist: a: string variable not allowed > r(109); > > I got an error message as you can see...

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