Wednesday, March 22, 2006

st: RE: RE: Macro display format

Sorry if this is a silly question.

I did the following sequence of commands. I closed the scatter as soon as it opened. No other commands.

Why does r(mean) go away after you use it in the scatter with the formatting extended function?

. sysuse auto, clear (1978 Automobile Data)

. quietly summ length

. di `r(mean)' 187.93243

. di `: di %9.1f `r(mean)'' 187.9

. di `: di %9.1f `r(mean)'' 187.9

. twoway scatter length mpg, text(200 35 "The mean of length is:`: di %2.1f `r(mean)''")

. di `: di %9.1f `r(mean)''

. di `r(mean)'


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No. You should try

` : di %9.1f `r(mean)''

See help extended_fcn.

Tip: I would go `: di %2.1f `r(mean)'' even if you are sure that format is too restrictive. You're likely to be wrong, as Stata will stretch the space to avoid damage. However, with %9.1f you are likely to get the ugly spaces that are a consequence of what you asked for.


Thomas Speidel > I am trying to include the content of a macro within a graph, but I'm > having problems with the display format. > > For example: > > sysuse auto, clear > qui: summ length > twoway scatter length mpg, text(200 35 "The mean of length is: > `r(mean)'") > > How do I change the format of the macro to display something > like %9.2f? > > I tried: > ... , text(200 35 "The mean of length is: `%9.1f `r(mean)''") > > Am I missing some triple compound quote? :-)

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