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st: RE: RE: numlist abbreviations not at all interpreted differently in egenmore's eqany S8

Thanks very much for the explanation - I'm sorry for the delay in my thanks, but I was out of town.

I did consult -help numlist- and [U]14.1.8 before writing, I promise, but plain failed to see that the interval was dictated by the number listed before the range for 'to' and ':'. Boneheaded, indeed - I think I misread all the pertinent examples because I expected all but the explicit interval definition (e.g. 1[10]100) to be simple range delimiters.

Thank you again.

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> > Aren't these supposed to be the same? >

No. For the ":" and "to" syntax, the preceding number specify the interval used in constructing the number list.

For example:

10 15 to 25 == 10, 15, 20, 25

which is different than

10 15/25 == 10 15, 16, 17,..

-help numlist- has many more examples.


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