Tuesday, March 21, 2006

st: RE: RE: RE: FW: zinb help

You appear to be using a version other than the latest. The FAQ does advise making that clear.

Sorry; I can't tell what model you have in mind. But a wild guess is that you want -inflate(_cons)-.

Nick n.j.cox@durham.ac.uk

Rajesh Tharyan > > I am seriously sorry nick I wasn't trying to be clever ... > but I did go > through help and the manuals .. I was looking at the > descriptions which does > not say that clearly..it says.. > > zinb estimates a maximum-likelihood zero-inflated negative binomial > regression of depvar on varlist,where depvar is a nonnegative count > variable. > > Of course I didint understand the syntax diagram .. my > fault.. but now I > understand that Typing [ and ] means the varlist is optional. > > So the command will be zinb (var),inflate(var).. is that right?

* * For searches and help try: * http://www.stata.com/support/faqs/res/findit.html * http://www.stata.com/support/statalist/faq * http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/stata/


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