Friday, March 03, 2006

st: RE: RE: RE: How to convert a MATA matrix into a STATA matrix?

Given a defined Mata matrix out, add the line


at the end of your Mata code. Then you will have your Mata matrix as a Stata matrix (verify with -matrix list output- once you get back in Stata).

Alternatively, you could also output to a Stata data set. To store matrix contents in a number of variables, which are already defined (in the data set loaded into memory), use


to replace the first k variables in the Stata data set with the contents of matrix out [k = cols(out)]



to replace specific variables.

If you don't have a data set loaded in memory, you have to define the dimensions yourself:

st_addobs(rows(out)) varidx = st_addvar("double", ("var1","var2","var3","var4","var5")) st_store(.,varidx,out)

You can use temporary variables like this instead:

varidx = st_addvar("double", st_tempname(cols(out)))

This may be convenient, if you don't know the number of cols in matrix out beforehand; but then you have to rename varibles once you're back in Stata (temp variables are cleared, once your do file is finished)

qui describe local nvars = `r(k)' unab varlist: _all local count 1 foreach var of local varlist { rename `var' var`count++' }

I hope this helps.


> Hej Jesper, > > hm, I still don't know how that would work. My Mata code is > > > mata > m_all = st_matrix("all") > nom = m_all[1...,2] > denom = m_all[1...,3] > denom = (denom:/denom)-denom > lr = nom :/ denom > out = m_all[1...,1], lr, m_all[1...,4], m_all[1...,5] > end > > and I'd like to turn "out" into data format. > > Any ideas? > > Uli > > >> can anybody tell me how to convert a matrix generated in MATA >> into STATA format? >> >> What I am looking for is hence the reverse of st_matrix. >> >> What I would like to ultimately do is to convert my MATA >> matrix into data (like "svmat" for STATA matrics). >> >> >> Best regards, >> >> UK >>

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