Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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The dinosaurs lasted tens of millions of years and were very successful in many ways.

Also, they lost out mostly because of extra-terrestrial impact, not their own folly. The genus Homo cannot make either claim as yet.


Visintainer, Paul > Thanks, Nick. While I certainly was fond of the -for- command, no one > wants to be labeled a dinosaur!

Nick Cox

> StataCorp made this decision some time ago and I see no > chance of them reversing it.

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Visintainer, Paul > > why is the -for- command being dropped? Obviously > > -forval- and -foreach- are far more flexible, but the -for- > > command is quite convenient in routine data manipulation and > > analysis. Its a great way to introduce new students to > > looping over numbers or variables. I would vote for retaining it. Nick Cox > > unless the user has an old version of Stata, no > > on-line help is now available for -for-. > > > > For reasons documented elsewhere, -for- is in > > essence deprecated. -forval- and -foreach- > > should be considered preferable. Visintainer, Paul > > > Assuming your data are set up appropriately, try: > > > > > > for num 1/5: tabodds case year [fweight=freq] if cat == X

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