Friday, March 03, 2006

st: RE: RE: tabodds command with 'if' option

Note that -For- is not a Stata command. The command is -for-. Also, unless the user has an old version of Stata, no on-line help is now available for -for-.

For reasons documented elsewhere, -for- is in essence deprecated. -forval- and -foreach- should be considered preferable.


Visintainer, Paul > Assuming your data are set up appropriately, try: > > For num 1/5: tabodds case year [fweight=freq] if cat == X

Sean Shu > I have a cross-sectional time series dataset. I want to find > whether any > > trend is presented over the years for different categories. So I used > tabodds command. But I want to apply the command for > different category > seperately. so I write the command syntax over the dataset attached: > > > tabodds case year [fweight=freq][if cat = 1] > > tabodds case year [fweight=freq][if cat = 2] > ... > > tabodds case year [fweight=freq][if cat = 5] > > Can you tell what's wrong with it? and Do I need write syntax to loop > the tabodds five time?

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