Monday, March 20, 2006

st: RE: -textbarplot- available from SSC

This program and its help file has now been revised slightly in response to suggestions by Friedrich Huebler, Ronán Conroy and Vince Wiggins.

Friedrich and Ronán in effect suggested a default of -base(0)-, which is now implemented.

Vince underlined that some users prefer that bars touch the associated categorical axis. The help now makes explicit that this can be done with -plotregion(margin())-.

The help also now makes explicit that the default can be overridden by a -vertical- option.

If this program interested you and you installed it, please update by

. ssc inst textbarplot, replace

Thanks again to Kit Baum for prompt uploading of files.


Nick Cox

> 16 March 2006 21:34 > A few days ago, I mentioned a program -textbarplot- I was > developing.


> Thanks to Kit Baum, this program is now available from > SSC. Stata 8.2 is required.

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