Tuesday, March 07, 2006

st: Re: Windows: read-only directory error

Fred Wolfe (fwolfe@arthritis-research.org) writes:

> Using Windows XP and Stata 9.1 I received the following error: > > file c:\statdata\cancer\mkcancerfile.log cannot be modified or erased; in > read-only directory > r(608); > > I presume this is a Stata interpretation of a Windows message. > > What caused the error was not the I was in a read-only directory, but that I > was running two versions of Stata and the log was open in the first Stata at > the same time I was trying to open it in the second Stata. > > I want to suggest that the error message be altered slightly to indicate that > this other cause, as the directory was not read-only. > > Perhaps it could say " ... file ... cannot be modified or erased; in > read-only directory or read-only file (file may be open)

The error message was indeed being generated by Stata, not the Windows system. The message was operating under the assumption that the file was once editable, and therefore the likely cause would be that the directory was read-only.

Here is the new message that will be included in the next executable update:

... cannot be modified or erased; likely cause is read-only access for directory or file

Sorry for the confusion,

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