Wednesday, March 22, 2006

st: Scandanavian Journal of Statistics Prize

This may be of interest to Statalisters, especially those in the cold north.


The Scandinavian Journal of Statistics Prize for Young Researchers


The Scandinavian Journal of Statistics Prize of 40.000 DKK will be given to the young researcher who presents the best paper at the NORDSTAT meeting, to be held in Rebild Bakker, Denmark, 11-15 June 2006, provided that the paper is accepted (before or after the meeting) as a regular submission to the Scandinavian Journal of Statistics (SJS) (visit see author guidelines for submission details). The editor of SJS must be informed that the paper is a candidate for the Scandinavian Journal of Statistics Prize.

To qualify as a candidate for the SJS Prize, the author must have received a Ph.D. degree at most five years before the NORDSTAT meeting or be younger than 35 years of age at the time of the meeting. The young author is preferably the sole-author of the paper, but if multiple young authors are involved, the paper will also be considered. There are no restrictions on nationality.

Young researchers of any nationality are strongly encouraged to present their work at the NORDSTAT 2006 meeting and to submit their papers to the SJS and for the SJS Prize competition.

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