Tuesday, March 07, 2006

st: Windows: read-only directory error

Using Windows XP and Stata 9.1 I received the following error:

file c:\statdata\cancer\mkcancerfile.log cannot be modified or erased; in read-only directory r(608);

I presume this is a Stata interpretation of a Windows message.

What caused the error was not the I was in a read-only directory, but that I was running two versions of Stata and the log was open in the first Stata at the same time I was trying to open it in the second Stata.

I want to suggest that the error message be altered slightly to indicate that this other cause, as the directory was not read-only.

Perhaps it could say " ... file ... cannot be modified or erased; in read-only directory or read-only file (file may be open)


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