Thursday, March 16, 2006

st: Writing out Names with special signs or words

Dear Statalist members,

I have some trouble trying to write out the names into a separate text file, not writing in log file. I use the command filewrite, etc. without problem.

But the names may have idiosyncratic signs, or sub-words which Stata interprets as (probably) built-in related commands or , such as "divident", "series", "PIF", etc.

A small number of names are listed below, with numbers added for easier reference:

/* ----------------------------------------------- */ (1) 1 MAJ-ZAVR`NI RADOVI U GRA?. AD BL (2) 1. MAJ-DRVODJELSKA AD BANJA LUKA (3) Vara~dinska banka d.d. (4) }eljezara Split d.d. (5) SEVEROC. PLYNAREN. (6) HB-Wesminster Rt. (7) AGRIMILL-AGRIMPEX GABONAFELDOLGOZ� �S GABONAKERESKEDELMI RT. (8) BUDAPESTI ELEKTROMOS M�VEK RT. (ELM� RT) (9) BUDAPESTI INGATLAN HASZNOS�T�SI �S FEJLESZT�SI RT. (10) JSCB "Ukrsotsbank" (11) Joint-Stock Ship Company "Ukrrichflot" (12) OJSC "Dniprovagonmash" (13) �SZAK-MAGYARORSZ�GI �RAM- SZOLG�LTAT� RT. (�M�SZ RT.) (14) BT&T LIFE Ltd. (15) ZTS VYSKUMNO - VYVOJOVY USTAV KOSICE, A.S. /V SKRATKE: ZTS VVU KOSICE, (16) `IPAD - 10 AVGUST AD VLASENICA (17) `IPAD AD DOBOJ (18) `IPAD AD TREBINJE (19) `IPAD-KOMERC AD SOKOLAC (20) `IPAD-KRAJINA AD BANJA LUKA (21) `IPAD-STOLAR AD BIJELJINA (22) `IPOVO AD `IPOVO (23) `IT AD `AMAC (24) `TAMPARIJA ISKRA AD DERVENTA (25) `UMAPRODUKT AD KASINDO (26) `UMAUSLUGE AD GRADI`KA (27) }ELJEZNICE RS AD, DOBOJ (28) }ITO AD VI`EGRAD (29) TGK AD KAKMU}-PETROVO (30) "CDC POINT - S.P.A. (ANCHE IN FORM (31) Pleter PIF (32) Beteiligungs- und Wohnungsanlagen GmbH & Co OEG, dividend rights certificates (33) Erste Finance (Jersey) (3) Ltd., Series I Preference Shares /* ----------------------------------------------- */

Problem 1: Sometimes, a single quote. like in #1, 15, 17, 27, 30 as in list above, causes Stata to stop.

Problem 2: Some words, like Series, divdent or PIF (see # 31, 32 and 33 above) gives error message as "option not allowed".

I tried many combinations of double quotes, but still cannot write out those names. If I use command "outfile", then all names are written out as is.

Is there any way to do it with command "file write" ?

Thanks in advance.

Akihito Tokuhara

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